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Stakeholder event “Growing challenges for transport security” in the frame of the ITF Summit 2017

2nd June 2017, 09:30 – 11:00 a.m., Congress Center of the Leipzig Trade Fair, Germany

In light of global challenges with regards to increasing transport requirements, just-in-time logistics, crime, migration and terrorist threats, as well as attacks on safety personnel, the security of the transport of people, goods and materials is of fundamental importance.
This event will highlight the growing demands and challenges of transport security, will discuss activities to meet the requirements and will address proposals to counter the threats. Secure logistics are essential for mobile societies. The secure flow of people, goods and information within the complex environment of networked globalisation are highly vulnerable require more political attention than ever.
The rapid growth of demand for mobility adds to the challenge of maintaining adequate safety and security standards everywhere. Those who set standards create markets. This process is embodied by terms like good governance, rule of law and anti-corruption, among others.
How can we protect an open system with state of the art technologies but without cordoning it off by increasing security requirements, making it unreasonably expensive, or disproportionately limiting personal or entrepreneurial freedom? We need to think in a more interconnected way. Today’s security architecture in the field of transport and logistics is extremely segmented and based on an entire bundle of individual measures. Usually, they are separately created within different legal systems.

Speakers and topics

  • Toru Hasegawa, Deputy Director, Economic Development, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization: Threats to aviation security
  • Thorsten Neumann, Chairman TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) EMEA; Director Channel Security, Anti-Piracy Services, Microsoft Corporation, USA: The industry fightback against cargo losses
  • Polizeidirektor Steffen Quaas, Federal Police, Germany: Railway and border security
  • Harry Kaube, Airbus CyberSecurity: Cyber security as part of supply chain security


Participation in the stakeholder event is subject to a charge for costs of 100 EUR. For participants with an ITF Summit three day event ticket this event is inclusive. The special day ticket for 2nd June at the price of 100 EUR is inclusive of:

  • Breakfast session “Looking towards 2018: Transport safety and security” (Dr. Wehrstedt is one of the 10 table discussion leaders)
  • EMW Stakeholder event “Growing challenges for transport security”
  • Plenary session “Governance of urban access and mobility”
  • Lunch.

For information on the Networking Breakfast “Looking towards 2018: Transport safety and security” see PDF Networking_breakfast_Summit_concept.

All details of the programme of ITF Summit 2017 see here.


Participation in the stakeholder event “Transport security” by invitation only, inquiries on participation and sponsoring:

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