Security for transport, infrastructure and supply chains

Transport plays a central role for societies all over the world that seek to achieve and to ensure economically and environmentally sustainable prosperity. In light of global challenges with regards to increasing transport requirements, just-in-time logistics, crime, migration and terrorist threats as well as attacks on safety personnel the security of transports of people, goods and materials on land, across water and in the air is of fundamental importance.

Transport Security Technology – TransportSecTec – was established to meet the need for an independent platform to exchange facts, solutions and innovations to improve the increasing security challenges facing transportation worldwide.  The magazine offers articles on best-practice, opinion, white papers and thought leadership as well as product showcases, interviews and insight into the latest technologies and strategies – interdisciplinary, inter-ministerial, international – bi-lingual in English and German.
The first issue of TRANSPORTSecTec was published at the ITF International Transport Forum 2016 in Leipzig and attracted great attention with its unique thematic focus. The Annual ITF Summit is the premier global transport policy event.


Since 2008, the Summit brings together ministers from around the world to share policy perspectives with CEOs, heads of international organisations, thought leaders from civil society and academia, and media. This vibrant conference with about 50 ministers and over 1,000 participants from more than 70 countries addresses strategic and topical issues across all transport modes.

Features spectrum
  • Transport management
  • Standardization of processes and resources
  • Passenger management
  • Passenger, luggage and freight control
  • Perimeter protection
  • Access control
  • CCTV and video monitoring
  • Freight security, control and tracking
  • Fighting theft and cargo crime
  • Data protection and IT-security
  • Information and communications technology, control rooms, command and management systems
  • personal security, emergency management, rescue
  • Security research for transport security
Target Groups
  • Governmental organizations, Ministries of Transport, Traffic, Infrastructure and the Interior
  • Police and other authorities for Public Security
  • Management in industry, logistics, traffic, ICT, energy and water supply
  • Operators of ports, airports, public transport systems
  • Land, air and sea transport companies
  • Operators of real estates, construction companies, architects, installer companies
  • Service provider and consultants
  • Associations and chambers
  • Education, research and teaching

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